Georgian Fashion Hunt

Liana Satenstein for Vogue
Street style at the Dry Bridge Flea Market. 
Designs by Tata Naka, Georgian Designer.
Scene from the Dry bridge flea market. 
Anka Tsitsishvili, Owner of the beautiful shop Indexflat.
Bora Bora bag at 711, a Georgian accessories shop. 
Mariam Koberidze, Curator of Moscow's Contemporary Art Gallery and Georgian native and part time resident. 
Natural sulfur baths in old Tbilisi.
Tako Chkheidze owner of "Geomodels". 
We are on vacation this week in Tbilisi, Georgia.  It's being called the hidden gem of Europe. 
The city is somewhat undelevoped in its infrastructure but is rich in its traditions. 
On every corner you can smell fresh baked bread. Women still carry giant bundles of long loafs on their backs to sell. There are winding cobblestone streets lined with strange shops housing everything from cheap trinkets and toys to tacky clothing to traditional treats and jewelry.  Secret high fashion shops are scattered throughout the city. 
The city's major flea market is held at the Dry Bridge each Sunday. It is a long lingering open market where people set out their wares from noon to evening time. 
I went early hoping to get the best stuff but learned that everyone in Georgia moves a lot slower than we do in the U.S., generally awaking at 10am and setting up shop around 2pm. 
For a country that is still developing and growing their economy and workforce, they surprisingly have an abundant fashion scene emerging. 
Tbilisi Fashion week was the week before we came and it proved again, like the past 5 years, to be impressive and exciting.
Above are some photo's of the city and the countries current "it" girls, street scenes, and brands we like.